Guest Blog Post -- Planning a Wedding During the Pandemic

August 14, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

We are in interesting and uncertain times aren't we?



Many people have experienced and are experiencing the repercussions and effects of COVID-19 and happily engaged couples are no exception. Since mid-to-late-March and early-April thousands of engaged couples have been faced with the unbelievable and emotional task of drastically modifying their wedding plans or postponing their wedding celebration until things are more stable in and around our country and world.




While the journey to "I do" may look (a lot) differently than what you and your fiancee and loved ones had originally envisioned and planned, all is not lost. There are still many things you can do to have the day you have dreamed of and deserve.

  • Take a breather - allow yourself, your fiancee, and loved ones to be upset. That is completely your right and understandable. Wedding planning is an exciting and meaningful adventure and when that is disrupted, there should be a grieving process.
  • Decide what is most important now - once time has been given to cry and yell, you and your fiance should decide what is most important to you given the current events. Do you still want to have the wedding you have been planning all along in its entirety (knowing you may have to wait several months up to a year to do this), do you want to do a hybrid of this wedding and have an intimate and Zoom-friendly ceremony now and then wait to celebrate with loved ones later when social distancing phases and guidelines have loosened, or do you still want to get married and have a beautiful reception now?



  • Lean on an expert - if you already have a wedding planner, LEAN ON THEM. This is exactly why you hired a wedding planner to begin with, to help you with the tough decisions and tasks and to think of things you wouldn't necessarily think to do or think of. Ask them all the questions. If vendor contracts need to be canceled or postponed, ask for the planner's help. If you need some innovative and adaptive ideas on how to get married safely and legally now, ask your wedding planner. And if you don't have a wedding planner, reach out to one. There are so many wedding planners that want to be of service to couples, especially in this chaotic, anxiety-driven, and emotional time. (We happen to know a great one. ;-))
  • Have you considered the Micro Wedding - Micro Weddings are the rage now and why not? It still allows couples to get married around or even on the original date they had planned. A micro wedding is a smaller-scale celebration that typically has a guest count of 20 or less, and has a shorter and much more simplistic timeline. Most often, micro weddings will have a quick ceremony and a more casual and relaxed reception. A typical micro wedding package offers a bundle of services (planning and coordination, venue, cutting cake, some florals, and photography to name a few) for a set and affordable price. While a couple may have to trim the guest list and make other adjustments, this still allows them to get married in front of loved ones, in-person and virtually, as originally desired. If you or anyone you know is curious to learn more about micro wedding packages being offered, check out Honey & Lavender's Micro Wedding package at Tudor Place in Washington, D.C.!





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