Mother's Day Mini Session at Manassas Battlefield National Park

May 30, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

What an honor it was to photograph my sweet friend Nadine's family this month at Manassas Battlefield National Park! I loved photographing her wedding and now this fun little session. 

Now let me tell you --it wasn't easy. Her adorable two year old son, Noah, was loving the open fields and really tested my photography skills (I actually enjoyed it). As soon as the family stepped out of their vehicle and walked into the park, sweet little Noah saw freedom all around him and wanted to run anywhere and everywhere. His parents and I all took turns chasing him and trying to attract him for taking pictures with his wonderful parents. 

I did, however, keep clicking during the whole time, whenever I felt I could. There were times when Noah rolled on the grass, picked flowers for his mommy, and gave her lots of hugs and kisses! He also kept fixing his mommy's floral crown and called it a 'hat'. So really, there was not a one perfectly posed picture, but all perfect and natural moments were captured. That is what I loved about this session and I want to capture all my clients like that --naturally! Photo sessions can seem a little intimidating at first (especially with little ones), but it's so important to relax and let everything flow naturally. 

So here's a little take away for all families with energetic toddlers and all the family photographers out there. For sessions like these, remember that toddlers are the ones to run the show. There is no need for anyone to be upset or frustrated because kids are going to be kids. Just be patient. 

Some things you CAN do to maybe calm down or distract the littles are: 

1. Bring their favorite toys (hey, toys make great props!) or their favorite snack along to the session. 

2. Play fun games during the session!

3. Keep interacting! 

Interacting with your family, while sitting close together (or standing) make some great natural poses and there's no need to feel stressed out. I like to keep guiding the parents if something about the pose isn't flattering. It's not like you will not have any guidance --I will be guiding all throughout the session!

Now it's time for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy these sweet moments I captured for this beautiful family! <3 


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