Moon Dancer Winery Valentine's Session, Wrightsville, PA

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Krissy and Marty were the winners of my Valentine's Giveaway Session offered in February. These two were the sweetest and most flexible couple to work with! It was a frigid day and we also got some snow after the session so they really braved the cold weather for their photos.

We chose the Moon Dancer Winery in Wrightsville, PA for the location and I must say, I was pleased with the care and love we were shown by the employees there. We got a room to ourselves to prep and get ready! I would love to do a shoot their again, particularly in the harvest season, when everything is beautiful and blooming at its peak!

In this post, I want to share the 5 Must-Do-Poses for any Couple/Engagement/Anniversary Session. Now, before I begin let me make you aware of the fact that unless you have been in front of the camera a lot, posing can be a stressful task. It's hard to just come up with all the poses at the time of the shoot, and I like to make sure I let my clients search for poses they like and mentally prepare themselves, maybe practice their favorite poses ahead of time. 

And let me also tell you that no matter how comfortable you are with posing, it takes about 15 minutes to warm up and get comfortable in front of the camera, as your photographer helps you decide what is suiting you most and what background is looking best. Once that first 15-minute warm up part is over, you get the best smiles, the best poses and it makes posing and picture-taking so much fun!

Now, let's get to the poses! 

1. The Gaze -- I start out by having the couple look into each other's eyes. This helps them to get more comfortable instead of having to look at the  camera first.              

                     _MG_9037_MG_9037   _MG_9036_MG_9036


  Once the couple gets warmed up for posing and I see some natural smiles, I tell them, "now look at me!" And CLICK!

2. Back Hug -- Some people call it a bear hug and I love the way Krissy looked back at Marty in this one. 

                        _MG_9043_MG_9043   _MG_9044_MG_9044 ​​​​​​


3. Rest on Shoulder -- Resting the head on the shoulder is one of the most romantic poses, and these two did it so naturally!



4. Heads Together -- In this pose, you can start out by holding your hands and rest your heads together and transition easily to a look back pose and even do a kiss! 


                      _MG_9078_MG_9078 _MG_9083_MG_9083  



5. Candid -- Candid ones are my favorite. It's so much fun to capture a couple walking, talking, & laughing together. Not every picture needs to be posed, right?! 




We took so many more but I just wanted to briefly go over these. Sometimes we all need some quick and simple poses to remember so go ahead and save this post as one of your pins in Pinterest! Which one of these is YOUR favorite? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! If you are looking to book an engagement/anniversary session, feel free to contact me HERE. I'd love to help you out! 








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