God Has A Plan. Trust It. Live It. Enjoy It.

February 28, 2019  •  2 Comments


Hi I’m Sehar—A momma of two heaven-sent babies and a wife to an amazing and loving husband. 

I was born in Pakistan and raised in the beautiful farmlands of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Growing up, I have attended a Muslim school (K-2nd grade), an American Public School (almost two years), and also an Eastern Mennonite Christian School (5th -10th grades). Life was not a very smooth ride for me growing up. Being exposed to different environments and adapting to different lifestyles was difficult and at times stressful. 

But now when I look back, I realize all those changes and experiences made me into the person I am today. Life never always turns out as we plan or want it to be, but God has been faithful. I have learned that His plans for my life are much greater than mine could ever be.

I totally skipped a normal American High School and went straight to college. I majored in Biology as an undergrad and obtained my Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from Georgetown University. I started working in DC, got married, and then BOOM --Babies! 

Now how did I ever get into photography, you may be asking…

Can any other mom out there relate with me how we magically become more creative after having kids? I have always been a creative person, but after becoming a stay-at-home mom, I had this strong desire to do something creative. 

I love spending time with my family and using my skills/creativity to enrich their lives.  On most days, you’ll find me cooking, baking, decorating my home, including doing something I do every single day — PHOTOGRAPHY.  

Thanks to my thoughtful and wonderful hubby who purchased a Nikon D7000  that I started out with. I knew I could take great pictures with it —BUT, on auto mode. I knew that I wanted to do better than that and learn more about my camera.  I read day-in and day-out about my camera settings and started practicing on Manual Mode. Being with my kids  just made me want to keep my camera handy so I could capture them whenever the time and the light was perfect! 

As I read more about photography, I came across numerous stories of photog mommas who left their corporate jobs, started full-time photography businesses, and set their own schedules to do what they love! 

Not saying, I’m never going to work again, but this gave me courage. I took baby steps to start out. I am still taking it slowly — AND I am LOVING it! 

You know the quote that goes like “fill your cup so you can overflow into the lives of others”…? Well, photography is one of those things that fills my cup. I love this side hustle because I can use my creativity to touch lives, make new connections, and take on new adventures!

So here’s my encouragement to all the moms and anyone out there who needs this. Stop waiting for the RIGHT time to do something for yourself. If you have a passion and want to pursue it, do it now. Take baby steps but keep going. Trust God through the process and I promise, He’ll keep giving direction and fulfillment throughout your journey. You got this, friend!



Dina Din(non-registered)
So proud of the steps you’re taking to fulfill your passion! You’re an amazing photographer and a wonderful momma too!
Kayla Kassem(non-registered)
Love this blog post girl!!
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