Eden Resort & Suites Wedding Photography

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I was thrilled to receive my first wedding inquiry for a wedding that was going to be celebrated at the Eden Resort and Suites in Lancaster, PA. This was the same venue where my wedding reception was held when I was married! It is a beautiful & luxurious venue with some of the best wedding planners working there to help you plan for your BIG DAY!

Laura Feliciano, from Lancaster (and also a very good friend of my sister) reached out to me in 2017 as she was planning her February 2018 wedding. It was truly an honor to work with her and capture one of the happiest moments of her life ~ get married to the man of her dreams, her love, Yusuke Fukushima. Laura and Yusuke have a sweet story of how they met and I want to share her own words, right here on my blog! They were married at United Pentecostal Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 


"The story of how we met is rather complex but I will do my best to summarize everything. One Sunday morning I woke up and prayed as usual and began to get dressed for church. I remember as I was doing my hair the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said I was going to meet "someone" that day. I remember thinking, "I wonder what that means." So I went to church as usual and there was a visitor --a Japanese man. I was shy at the time so I usually left church right after the service but that day my pastor compelled me to stay. After eating lunch with everyone I was going to go home but my youth pastor at the time called me over. He wanted to introduce me to the visitor everyone seemed to be going crazy about. You see, half of my church is Ghanaian and the other half is Filipino. When my husband came that day he was communicating with everyone in their languages. Apparently he lived in Ghana for 2 years and could speak some dialects from there. When my youth pastor introduced us to each other the first thing my husband said to me was, "tu hablas en espanol?" To which I was shocked and replied back, "wait, you speak Spanish too?" Apparently he had traveled and lived in South America, where he learned Spanish and he had even gone to Puerto Rico as well! That day we exchanged facebook information and began communicating almost everyday. We fell for each other faster than expected and soon we were dating. After a few years of dating he asked me to marry him, but to be honest, he spoke of marriage from the beginning."


I am always amazed at how God has His ways of bringing people together! Everything about her wedding day was wonderful and I loved seeing what a closely knit community of family and friends she belongs to. One of my favorite parts about it all was her wedding dress! The details on her dress were simply gorgeous and Laura also shared the boutique she bought the dress from. She was so grateful to Milena of Milena's Bridal in Texas who helped her with the dress and shipped it directly to her apartment in Japan! 


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